INPG Entreprise SA - bandeau par défaut

IESA valorises Grenoble Institute of Technology's know-how and expertise

From Présences N°221 magazine – October 2010
Affiliate of Grenoble Institute of Technology, INPG Entreprise SA (IESA) acts a commercial showcase of the Institute for industrial companies. INPG Entreprise (IESA) is a flourishing business : 2009 turnover peaked at 5.6M€ (+11%). And 2010 looks extremely promising for the small private company in charge of promoting business applications stemming from the international level research of Grenoble Institute of Technology. The Institute counts 26 high level labs (and six engineering schools)  playing in six research fields: energy, environment, information and communication, materials, micro and nanotechnologies and production systems. IESA collaborates with approximately 1 000 research or technology experts, 800 PhD students and has a portfolio of a thousand patents. Orienting, counselling and negociating Every year,more than a thousand companies throughout the world (US, Norway, Chile...) respond to IESA's offerings. Set up in 2001 as a fully-owned subsidiary of Grenoble Institute of Technology orie, IESA orientates, monitors and negociates the conditions of exploitation of research results and draw up contracts. INPG Entreprise SA is approved at a national level as a company specialised in transfer of technology so that our clients are allowed to double their  crédit d'impôt recherche (special  research  tax credit) points out Henri-Marc Michaud, CEO and graduate of Grenoble Institute of Technology.   These contracts account for 100% of IESA's turnover but the company also helps researchers promote their innovative results or patents or even support their project of start-up such as Recupyl (innovative battery recycling, Domène, France). IESA is also a capital investor and invested in 16 promising high-tech start-up companies (most of which emerged from Grenoble Institute of Technology's  excellence) such as Tiempo or Eveon.