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Le Bon Côté des Choses: INPG Entreprise SA’s new start-up company

INPG Entreprise SA which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary has just committed up to 15.2% capital investment into its 19th start-up BCC: Le Bon Côté des Choses. BCC was introduced during Grenoble Innovation Fair 2011. Now consumers can streamline their daily shopping with new web Social Shopping List Optimizer©: a customised, multi-support and multi-criteria shopping tool.
Convincing partners... Le Bon Côté des Choses (BCC) is lead by three co-founders with complementary skills:
  • Thierry Ferrandiz, former founder and manager of two companies specialised in logistic event management, former supply chain project leader for manufacturers and retailers of consumer goods.
  • Rémy Amouroux, former co-founder of shopping search engine Kelkoo and former sorftware architect for Yahoo Europe.
  • Anne-Laure Bringout, expert in consumption patterns, human-machine interface and ergonomy.
They still collaborate with G-SCOP laboratory to develop their innovative tool.  Nurtured in the Grain incubator starting 2010, BCC benefited from logistic and financial support up to 220 K€ from Grain, Savoie Technolac, Rhône Alpes, Conseil Général de Savoie and Réseau Entreprendre Savoie. INPG Entreprise SA decided to join the initial round of fund raising and a second round is already on the agenda in 2012... Ever dreamed of easier and cheaper everyday shopping? BCC allows consumers to fulfill their shopping basket (foodstuffs, hygiene and cleaning stuffs) with a 20% earning, according to their choices: price, quality, type of store, area, food allergy, coupons... They can also create their own profile, update preferences and provide feedback on prices, products, stores, quality/price information, missing products... In a nutshell: BCC fosters discerning, active consuming and highlights current trends and developments. Benefits for professionals too... With a strictly anonymous and ethical behavioural data management, BCC provides accurate information to sales & marketing managers who need to better match their offers with consumers' real expectations. Web clients have guarantees too: free access to BCC services, no banner ad spoiling the navigation, information is untraceable to individual persons and BCC's generates income from professionals only.
Thierry Ferrandiz, president of BCC at Grenoble Innovation Fair 2011